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   Guided Missile Corvette "Shtil"
Project 1234.1 / Nanuchka-III' class
Shtil` - Nanuchka-III Class
Shtil` - Nanuchka-III Class
Shtil` - Nanuchka-III Class
Shtil` - Nanuchka-III Class
Shtil` - Nanuchka-III Class
Shtil` - Nanuchka-III Class
Shtil` - Nanuchka-III Class

The ships of the project 1234 are intended for protection of sea communications, protection of escorts, struggle against the surface ships in coastal areas. For struggle against the surface ships there were six PU rockets "Malakhit". For distribution target orders to a rocket complex there was a system of passive detection of the surface targets. The ships were armed PU ZUR "Osa" with ammunition of 20 rockets, six-guns 30-mm antiaircraft automatic device AK-630 (project 1234.1), 76-mm artillery installation AK-176 (project 1234.1) or 57-mm artillery installation AK-725 (project 1234). The power-plant of the ship consists of three diesel engines the common capacity 30 000 hp. which rotate three screws. The maximal speed is 34 units. Range of navigation with speed of 18 units makes 3500 miles. Despite of rather small displacement, the ship has high seaworthy qualities and ability to use the weapon at a condition of the sea of 5 points and speeds 24 units.

The heavily armed Small Missile corvette features more gun and zenith defense capabilities compared to previous missile ships. The remarkable amount of fire power and electronics mounted on such a small platform apparently was purchased at the price of poor sea-keeping characteristics. From 1969 there were built about 40 corvettes. Some of them were sold to Algeria, India, Libya, Syria.

This ship from 1976 year has name "Zib`", from 1982 - "Komsomolets Mordovy", and from 1992 year was renamed to "Shtil".

Builder: Primorsky SSZ , Leningrad
Year: 1976
Displacement: 730 tons full load
Speed:34 knots
Dimensions: 59.3 x 11.8 x 3.08 meters/194.5 x 38.7 x 10.1 feet

3 M-521 diesels, 3 shafts, 30,000 shp

Crew: 60
Radar:Peel Pair and Band Stand
Fire Control:MPZ-301 Baza/Pop Group SA-N-4 control, 1 Titanit/Band Stand SSM targeting
EW:Vympel-R2 suite with Foot Ball-A intercept, Half Hat-B intercept, 2 PK-16 decoy RL, 4 PK-10 decoy RL
Missiles: 6 P-120/SS-N-9 Malakhit/Siren SSM
1 Osa-M SAM system (20 9M-33/SA-N-4 Gecko SAM)

1 AK-176 76.2mm/59cal DP full autom.
1 AK-630 gattl. AA (6 x 30 mm; r: 6'000 rds/m/mount)

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