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Today`s Top 3 of the Black Sea Fleet Warships
Frigate "Admiral Makarov"
Patrol Ship "Dmitry Rogachev"
Intelligence Ship "Ivan Khurs"
 The Black Sea Fleet (BSF) is an operational-strategic association of the Navy of Russia in the Black Sea. The Russian Black Sea Fleet, as a part of the Navy, is a means of ensuring Russia's military security in the south. To perform the tasks the Black Sea Fleet has in its composition diesel-driven submarines, surface ships for operations in oceanic and near-sea areas, naval missile-carrying aviation, anti-submarine and fighter aviation, units of coastal troops.

Currently, the main tasks of Russian Black Sea Fleet are as follows:
- Protection of the economic zone and areas of productive activities, suppression of illegal productive activities;
- ensuring safety of navigation;
- implementation of foreign policy actions of the Government in economically important areas of the oceans (visits, routine entries, joint exercises, actions as a part of peacekeeping forces, etc.)

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