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 Large Landing Ship Yamal
Project 775 / Ropucha-I class

The Ropucha class, Soviet designation Project 775, is a class of landing ships (large landing ship in Soviet classification) built in Poland for the Soviet Navy. The ships were built in Poland in the Stocznia Polnocna shipyards in Gdansk. Designed for beach landings, they can carry a 500 tonn cargo. The ships have both bow- and stern-doors for loading and unloading vehicles, and the 630 square metres of vehicle deck stretches the length of the hull. In total, 28 ships of this type were commissioned from 1975 to 1991. The last three ships were of the improved variant Project 775/III, also called Ropucha II.

While designed for roll-on/roll-off operations, they can also be loaded using dockside cranes. For this purpose there is a long sliding hatch-cover above the bow section for access to the vehicle deck. The vessels can reach speeds of 18 knots and range out to 4000 nautical miles - making them somewhat independent "Blue Water" vessels.

The Ropucha-class ships have self-defense-minded weaponry installed, particularly to support shoreline actions and defend against low-flying threats. 2 twin-barreled 57mm AK-257 autocannons are carried (Ropucha I ships only) as is a single 76mm turreted gun fit (Ropucha II). To this is added 2 x 30 122mm MS-73 Grad-M rockets for area suppression. Strela-2 or Igla short-range surface-to-air missile launchers also aid in airspace deterrence. Close-in support is through 2 30mm AK-630 digital combat units sporting Gatling-style guns (Ropucha II).

Large Landing Ship BDK-67 was built by Stocznia Polnocna (No.775/25), Gdansk, Poland, commissioned on 30 April 1988 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

On 03 January 2002 the ship was renamed to Yamal.

Now in service.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:4012
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):17,59
Range:3400 nmi (18 kts), 3500 nmi (16 kts), 4000 nmi (12 kts)
Autonomy (days):30
Propulsion:2x9600 hp Zgoda-Sulzer 16ZVB40/48 diesels, 2 fixed pitch propellers, 2 stern retractable azimuth thrusters, 3x750 kW diesel generators
Armament:2x2 57 mm AK-725 (2200 rounds) MR-103 Bars fire control system
2x40122 mm MS-73 Grad-M launchers (19, from 21) (320 rounds) Groza-1171 fire control system
Electronics:MR-302 Rubka air/surface search radar, Don navigation radar

10 main battle tanks and 340 troops or 12 PT-76 light tanks and 150 troops or 3 main battle tanks, 3 2S9 Nona-S, 5 MT-LB, 4 army trucks and 313 troops or 20 army trucks and 150 troops or 500 tons of cargo

Complement:98 (17 officers)
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