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  ASW Corvette MPK-77
Project 204 / Poti Class

The Poti class was the NATO reporting name for a group of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvettes built for the Soviet Navy. The Soviet designation was Project 204 small anti-submarine ships. Built in Khabarovsk, Zelenodolsk and Kerch, these 66 units were specialized in coastal ASM control and cheaper than the class Petya or Mirka frigates. They had new D-2B gas turbines, giving them 35 knots, the best speed ever recorded by a Soviet ship of this type. Two propellers were mounted in tunnels to give a very shallow draught.

Anti-submarine weapons included four single-tube 400-mm torpedo tubes for SET-40 anti-submarine torpedoes and two RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers. The artillery weapons consisted only of a AK-725 twin automatic turret 57-mm gun with the Bars fire control radar. Air/surface situation was carried out with the help of the Rubka radar, and underwater - with the help of the MG-312 sonar.

These ships served on all four fleets of the USSR Navy: 17 on the Black Sea Fleet, 11 on the Pacific Fleet, 22 on the Baltic Fleet and 11 on the Northtern Fleet.

ASW corvette MPK-77 laid down 03 May 1961 at the Shipyard No.532, Kerch (yard No.808), launched 13 October 1962, commissioned 30 September 1963.

MPK-77 was excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet on 17 April 1982 and transferred to Bulgaria.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:555
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):35
Range:2650 nmi (13,75 knots), 2500 nmi (14 knots), 1500 nmi (17,68 knots), 350 nmi (33 knots)
Autonomy (days):7
Propulsion:2x15000 hp D-2B gas turbines, 2x4750 hp M-504A diesels, 2 fixed pitch propellers in hydro-motors, 2x200 kW diesel generators
Armament:1x2 57 mm AK-725 (1100 rounds) – MR-103 Bars fire control system
4x1 400 mm OTA-40-204 torpedo tubes (4 SET-40 torpedoes) – Zummer fire control system
2x12 RBU-6000 «Smerch-2» (96 RGB-60) – Tyulpan control system

MR-302 Rubka air/surface search radar, Bizan-4B ESM radar system, Donets navigation radar, Nichrom-M IFF, ARP-50 radio direction finder, MG-312 Titan-2 sonar

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