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Tugboat BUK-49
Project 05T

This Project of small civil tugboat was designed in 1948 by the Arcticproject, Murmansk. The tugboat is designed to perform towing and berthing operation at the port, at harbor anchorage area, in rivers and sea basins, and other tasks. Tugboats of this project in various modifications served on all fleets of the USSR and later - the Russian Federation.

The hull of the tugboat is steel, single-deck, with a single deckhouse with an icebreaking bow and transom stern, divided into compartments by five watertight bulkheads. The vessel is adapted to overcome the continuous course of continuous ice with a thickness of 20-25 cm and forcing ice up to a thickness of 40-50 cm. The powerplant of the tugboat is diesel, twin-screw with fixed-pitch propellers in fixed nozzles. The radius of circulation at full speed is 15 meters, while the engines are “run wild” - the boat makes a turn in place. The thrust on the hook is 3.52 t.

Tugboat BUK-49 laid down at Maymaksan Shipyard, Arkhangelsk, commissioned in 1965.

Now in service.

Displacement (tons):
Standard: 35,5
Full load: 42,7
Dimensions (m):
Length: 14,07
Beam: 3,82
Draft: 1,58
Speed (knots): 9,5
Range: 1600 nmi (8 knots)
Autonomy (days): 5
Propulsion: 2x150 hp 3D6S diesels, 2 fixed pitch propellers in nozzles
Complement: 4


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