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Self-Propelled Floating Crane PK-3100
Project 605-PK

The self-propelled floating crane of Project 605-K and Project 876 was designed for lifting operations, fitting of chains and anchors of the floating berths, and also for loading on warships and submarines of various weapons and cargo. Floating cranes of this project served on the Northern Fleet, Pacific Fleet and the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR and later - the Russian Federation. In total, more then 10 self-propelled floating cranes of this type were built for the Navy.

Self-Propelled Floating Crane PK-30-100 was laid down at the Gheorgiu Dej Hajogyar Shipyard (MHD Angyalfoldi Gyaregysege), Budapest, Hungary (yard No.1824), commissioned in 1959 and later was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet with rename to PK-3100.

Now in service.

Displacement (tons):
Standard: 1624
Full load: 1950
Dimensions (m):
Length: 40,36
Beam: 19,36
Draft: 1,95
Speed (knots): 6
Range: -
Autonomy (days): -

2x120 hp electric motors, 2 fixed pitch propellers, 2x100 kW diesel generators, 2x100 kW diesel generators, 2x28 kW diesel generators

Lifting capacity (tons) : 100
Complement: 15


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