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Anti-Saboteur Boat P-276
Project 03160 / Raptor Class

The Raptor (Project 03160) high-speed anti-saboteur boats are designed and being built by Open JSC Pella Shipyard based in Otradnoe, Leningrad, Russia. The boat can be deployed in a wide range of missions, including patrolling, search-and-rescue, anti-sabotage and anti-terrorism. It can transport up to 20 crew members of distressed ships or aircraft and has the ability to intercept and arrest light ships.

The Project 03160 patrol boat accommodates three crew members and 20 personnel. It has maximum length of 17 m, maximum width of 4 m, and a depth of 0.9 m. It has special cabins to house anti-terrorist groups, divers, lifeguards, inspection and rescue teams. The boat is integrated with modern navigation systems, communications, radar and radios to provide high-navigability. The bridge is equipped with operator workstations and consoles for command and control.

The boat is fitted with a remotely operated weapon station to hold a 14.5mm machine gun, as well as a gyro-stabilised, electro-optical module. Two bracket mounts are fitted at the stern to carry a 7.62 mm 6P41 Pecheneg machine gun each. The gun has an aiming range of 1,500m and a rate-of-fire between 600 and 800 rounds a minute.

Armour panels fitted on the hull provide level 5 and 5A protection against bullets. The 39 mm-thick bulletproof glass windows offer ballistic protection for the occupants. Powered by a 2,000 hp engine, the Raptor patrol boat can reach a top speed of approximately 50k. It can execute missions in a radius of 100 miles (160 km) from its operating base. The boat is capable of operating in coastal waters, estuaries and straits both during day and at night.

Anti-saboteur boat P-276 laid down at Pella Shipyard, Otradnoe (yard No.703), launched in 2014, commissioned on 05 March 2015 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

Now in service.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:23
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):48
Range:300 mni
Autonomy (days):1
Propulsion:2x1150 hp Caterpillar C18 diesels, 2 pump-jets
Armament:1x1 14,5 mm
2x1 7,62 mm 6P41 Pecheneg
Electronics: Nautilus navigation radar


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