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Torpedo Retriever TL-278
Torpedo Retriever TL-278
Project 1388 / Shelon Class

The Torpedo Retrievers is utilized in support of torpedo exercises. It is designed as retrieve torpedoes in the sea. The boat had their aft ends cut away and are open to the sea, and an inclined deck from about deckhouse to the stern. The retrievers jump into action thenever a submarine or warship has firing practice torpedo. They chase a torpedo as it nears the end of its run, toss a lasso over it and wiggle the torpedo aboard.

Torpedo Retriever TL-278 laid down at the Sosnovsky Shipyard (yard No.411), commissioned in 1990 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

Now in service.

Displacement (tons):
Standard: 269
Full load: 310
Dimensions (m):
Length: 48,6
Beam: 9
Draft: 2,22
Speed (knots): 28,7
Range: 1250 nmi (15,5 knots), 1116 nmi (28,7 knots)
Autonomy (days): 8
Propulsion: 2x5000 hp M-504B diesels, 2 fixed propellers, 2 D6-150AF-2 diesel-generators x150 kW
Electronics: Mius navigation radar, MG-329 Sheksna sonar
Cargo: 6-8 533 mm torpedoes
Complement: 20


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