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  Cruiser Admiral Ushakov
Project 68bis / Sverdlov class

The Sverdlov-class cruisers, Soviet designation Project 68bis, were the last conventional gun cruisers built for the Soviet Navy. They were built in the 1950s and were based on Soviet, German, and Italian designs and concepts developed prior to the Second World War. The cruisers of Project 68bis became the biggest series in the history of national shipbuilding.

The Sverdlov-class cruisers were improved and slightly enlarged versions of the Chapayev class. They had the same main armament, machinery and side protection as the earlier ships, but had increased fuel capacity for greater range, an all welded hull, improved underwater protection, increased anti-aircraft artillery and radar.

The Sverdlov class displaced 13600 tons standard and 16640 tons at full load. They were 210 m long overall and 205 m long at the waterline. They had a beam of 22 m and draft of 7,38 and typically had a complement of 1270. The hull was a completely welded new design and the ships had a double bottom for over 75% of their length. The ship also had 23 watertight bulkheads. The Sverdlovs had six boilers providing steam to two shafts with geared steam turbines generating 110000 shaft horsepower. This gave the ships a maximum speed of 32,7 knots. The cruisers had a range of 5700 nautical miles at 17 knots.]

Main armament included twelve 152 mm/57 cal B-38 guns mounted in four triple Mk5-bis turrets. They also had twelve 100 mm/56 cal Model 1934 guns in six twin SM-5-1 mounts. For anti-aircraft weaponry, the cruisers had 37 mm anti-aircraft guns in sixteen twin mounts and were also equipped with ten 533 mm torpedo tubes in two mountings of five each.

The Sverdlovs had 100 mm belt armor and had a 50 mm armored deck. The turrets were shielded by 175 mm armor and the conning tower, by 150 mm armor.

Cruiser Admiral Ushakov laid down on 31 August 1950 at the Shipyard No.196 Sudomekh, Leningrad (yard No.420), launched on 29 September 1951, commissioned on 08 September 1953 and was assigned to the Baltic Fleet.

From 03 November 1956 - Nothern Fleet, from 05 October 1963 - Black Sea Fleet.

On 16 September 1987 the cruiser Admiral Ushakov was excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet and scrapped.

Displacement (tons):


Full load:16640
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):32,7
Range:5700 nmi (17 knots), 5220 nmi (18,2 knots), 4100 nmi (23,2 knots), 3700 nmi (21,5 knots), 2080 nmi (32 knots), 1975 nmi (32,7 knots)
Autonomy (days):30
Propulsion:2x55000 hp TV-7 GTZA, 2 fixed pitch propellers, 5x300 kW TD-6 turbine-type generators, 4x300 kW DG-300 diesel generators
Armament:4x3 152 mm MK-5-bis (2202 rounds) Molniya AC-68bis-A with 2 radars Zalp fire control system
6x2100 mm SM-5-1s (3852 rounds) Zenit-68bis-A with 2 radars Yakor fire control system
16x2 37 mm V-11 - 41370 rounds
2x5533 mm PTA-53-68bis torpedo tubes (10 torpedoes) Stalingrad-2T-68bis with radar Zarya fire control system
68 KB-3 or AGSB or RM or 48 UDM mines or 63 UKSM mines or 40 KDM-1000 mines or 76 Type 1926 mines or 132 Type 1908 mines or 70 GMZ
Electronics: Rif surface search radar, Gyuys-2 air search radar, 2 Neptun navigation radars, 2 Fakel-MZ and 2 Fakel-MO IFF, RPN-47-01, Tamir-5N sonar, Solntce-1
Complement:1270 (65 officers)
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