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  Cruiser Frunze
Project 68K / Chapayev class

The Chapayev class (Project 68) were a group of cruisers built for the Soviet Navy during and after World War II. Seventeen ships were planned but only seven were actually started before the German invasion. Two incomplete ships were destroyed when their building yard in Nikolaev was captured by Nazi Germany and the remaining five cruisers were completed only in 1950.

The design was based on the Kirov-class cruiser, but with significant changes in armament: 4 triple 152 mm gun turrets replacing 3 triple 180 mm gun turrets. The 152 mm B38 guns fired a 55 kg shell to 24000 m. The rate of fire was 6 to 7 rounds per minute. The guns were mounted in individual cradles with separate elevation.

The secondary armament consisted of 100 mm SM-5 guns in twin enclosed powered turrets with a rate of fire of 15-18 rounds per minute. The light anti-aircraft guns consisted of 37 mm weapons.

The hull was enlarged, and protection was improved compared to the Kirov class. The machinery was based on a unit system with alternating boiler rooms and engine rooms.

The five ships were completed after the war to a modified design (Project 68K). The aircraft facilities and torpedo tubes were removed and radar and improved anti-aircraft artillery added (37 mm guns in twin powered and water cooled mountings).

Cruiser Frunze laid down on 29 August 1939 at the Shipyard No.198 named after A. Marti, Nikolaev, launched on 30 December 1940. On 09 August 1941 she was towed to Poti to be mothballed until 1942. There, her stern was detached and welded to the hull of the damaged cruiser Molotov (Project 26bis). Commissioned on 19 December 1950 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

On 06 February 1960 the cruiser Frunze was excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet and scrapped.

Displacement (tons):


Full load:14138
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):32,8
Range:6360 nmi (18 knots), 1445 nmi (32,8 knots)
Autonomy (days):30
Propulsion:2X55000 hp TV-7 GTZA, 2 fixed pitch propellers, 4x300 kW turbine-type genrators
Armament:4x3152 mm MK-5 (2100 rounds) Molniya AC-68 with 2 radars Redan-2 fire control system
4x2 100 mm SM-5-1 (2400 rounds) Zenit-68K with 2 radars Vympel-2 fire control system
14x2 37 mm V-11 (14400 rounds)
60 KB or AGSB or RM-1 mines or 78 KB-3 mines or 48 KDM-1000 mines or 90 Type 1931 mines or 88 Type 1926 mines or 146 Type 1908 mines
Electronics: Rif surface search radar, Gyuys-1M4 air search radar, Neptun navigation radar, Fakel-MZ-Fakel-MO IFF, Tamir-5N sonar
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