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Destroyer Ozornoy
Project 30K / Ognevoy Class

The Ognevoy-class destroyers were a series of destroyers built for the Soviet Navy during and immediately after World War II. The Soviet designation was Project 30 and Project 30K.

The specification for these ships was issued by the Naval staff in November 1937. The design work was done by Zhdanov Yard in Leningrad under the leadership of A. Yunovidova and approved by the government in 1939. 24 ships were ordered in 1938-1940 but the programm was disrupted by the German invasion in 1941. The ships being built in Nikolayev were demolished before launch or evacuated incomplete while those built in other yards were suspended for the duration of the conflict. Some of the intact ships were completed after the war to a modified design - Project 30K.

Hull strength was significantly increased and the hull was enlarged compared to the Project 7 ships. Longitudinal framing was used and hull plating was thicker than the Project 7 ships. Hull height was increased giving extra free board. The machinery consisted of two boiler rooms and two engine rooms similar to the Project 7U destroyers but in less cramped spaces.

The armament was housed in two enclosed splinter-proof and weatherproof turrets. This was a significant advance over the open mountings used in the Project 7 ships. The B-2LM turrets were introduced in the Tashkent class and proven successful in service but had no anti-aircraft capability. Anti-aircraft armament comprised two 85 mm guns in a twin mounting position and six 37 mm guns in single mountings. The ships also carried two sets of quadruple torpedo tubes and 52 mines. The ships were fitted with air warning, surface search and gunnery control radars and sonar after the war.

Destroyer Ozornoy laid down on 20 November 1939 at the Shipyard named after 61 Kommunara No.200, Nikolaev (yard No.1087), 25 September 1940 is enlisted in the lists of the ships of the Soviet Fleet, and launched on 25 December 1940.

08 August 1941 the ship was towed from Nikolaev to Sevastopol, and then to the Caucasus. 14 August 1941 the destroyer located in Poti was mothballed, and from 12 January 1942 the construction was completely suspended. The completion of the ship continued after the end of the war by corrected Project 30K.

Commissioned on 09 January 1949 and 25 February 1949 was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

25 March 1950 the ship was transferred to Bulgarian Navy as Georgiy Dimitrov . From 30.09.1960 training ship, decomissioned in 1963.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:2860
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):35,3
Range:3950 nmi (14 knots), 3500 mni (15,5 knots)
Autonomy (days):10
Propulsion:2x27000 hp, 2 fixed pitch propellers, 2x100 kW turbine-generators, 2x50 kW diesel-generators
Armament:2x2 130 mm B-2LM guns (600 rounds) - Redan fire-control system
1x2 85 mm 92K guns (600 rounds) - Vympel fire-control system
6x1 37 mm 70K guns - 6300 rounds
3x2 12,7 mm DSHK-2 (Vlastny, Vnushitelny, Vinoslivy - 32 12,7 mm Colt-Brawnin )
2x3 533 mm TTA-53-30K torpedo tubes - 6 torpedos
2 BMB-1 (22 charges)
2 bomb-release gears
52 KB- Krab mines or 60 M-26 mines
Electronics: Guys air-search radar system, Rif surface radar system, Rym navigation system, Fakel IFF, Tamir-5N sonar
Complement:301 (20 officers)


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