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Destroyer Pylkiy
Project 30bis / Skoryy Class

The Skoryy class were the first destroyers built for the Soviet Navy after World War II. The Soviet designation was Project 30bis. The ships were derived from the Project 30 Ognevoy-class destroyer, but were slightly larger with better sea-keeping and significantly increased endurance. These ships were longitudinally framed and completely welded. The ships were built in 101 modular pre-fabricated sections which led to rapid building times.

Their general design also remained very classical, with benches of torpedo tubes distributed between the two chimneys and the quarter deck, a more modern double turret artillery, and a powerful AA battery, according to the standards imposed in 1944-45. The machinery and main armament was essentially identical to those of the Ognevoy class destroyers but the boilers employed forced draught for increased power.

The ships were modernised in the 1950s with new anti-aircraft guns and anti-submarine mortars and updated sensors (new radar and sonar). One bank of torpedo tubes were removed and extra accommodation (deckhouses) added.

In total 70 ships seems to have been built between 1949 and 1953. This was the largest operational Soviet destroyer class ever, answering the Gearing class. These ships served on the four fleets (Baltic, Arctic, Black Sea and Far East) until the end of the Cold War.

Destroyer Pylkiy on 22 June 1951 is enlisted in the lists of the ships of the Fleet. Laid down on 20 April 1952 at the Shipyard named after 61 kommunara, Nikolaev (yard No.619) fron the sections build at the Shipyard no.190 named after A.A.Zhdanov, Leningrad. Launched on 31 July 1952, commissioned on 31 December 1952 and 18 January 1953 was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

09 May 1964 transferred to Indonesian Navy as Diponegoro (hull number 306). Decommissioned 1973.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:3066
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):35,5
Range: 3500 nmi (14,9 knots), 2900 nmi (18,4 knots), 1000 nmi (35 knots), 900 nmi (35,5 knots)
Autonomy (days):10
Propulsion:2x30000 hp TV-6 GTZA, 2 fixed pitch propellers, 2x150 kW turbine-type generators, 2x75 kW diesel-generators

2x2 130 mm B-2LM (600 rounds) - Redan radar
1x2 85 mm 92K (600 rounds) - MPUAZO Soyuz-30bis with Vympel-2 radar
4x2 37 mm V-11 8000 rounds
2x5 533 mm PTA-53-30bis torpedo tubes (10 torpedoes) - Mina-30bis with radar Redan-4 fire control system
50 BB-1 depth-charges
52 KB- Krab mines or 60 M-26 mines


Gyuys-1M air search radar, Rif-1 surface search radar, Rym-1 navigation radar, Fakel IFF, Tamir-5N sonar

Complement:286 (19 officers)


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