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      Dreadnought "Sevastopol"  

"Sevastopol" built by Baltic Yard, St. Petersburg. Laid down 16 June 1909, launched 27 June 1911, completed 17 Nov 1914. Laid up late 1918.

Renamed Parizhskaya Kommuna 31 March 1921, recommissioned 1923. Overhauled, recommissioned 17 Sept 1925. Bulged 1930's.

On March 31, 1921 Sevastopol was renamed Parizhskaya Kommuna to recognize the revolutionary Paris Commune of the 19th Century. Parizhskaya Kommuna had received a refit, including a new bow design, so in 1929 it was decided to send her to the Black Sea. She left with cruiser Profintern but the force ran into a strong storm in the Bay of Biscay. The new bow created a well that kept water. As the Parizhskaya Kommuna took green seas over the bow, water was trapped in the bow, until it failed. Parizhskaya Kommuna had to put into Brest for emergency repairs. The Soviet government was embarrassed by the incident, so repairs were made solely by the crew. Threedays later Parizhskaya Kommuna left Brest to be greeted by 35 foot seas. The condition in the ship deteriorated to worse than before and again Parizhskaya Kommuna put into Brest for repairs but this time the Soviet government contracted with a French shipyard for repairs. On January 18, 1930 Parizhskaya Kommuna reached Sevastopol and spent the rest of her career in the Black Sea. Anti Torpedo Bulges were added during her next major re construction between 1934 to 1938. During this work her Torpedo Tubes were removed and extra anti aircraft guns fitted (76mm AA and later 37MM AA were added).

When the Crimea fell to the Germans in 1942, Parizhskaya Kommuna had to move her base of operations to the ports of the Caucuses. Throughout World War Two she was very active in supporting the Red Army along the Black Sea Coasts. The Parizhskaya Kommuna took part in the landing at Feodosiya and Sudak in January 1942, and bombarded German positions in the Crimea until March 1942. She was taken for repairs to Poti, where she was renamed the Sevastopol on the 31 May 1943. The Sevastopol was given the Order of the Red Banner in July 1945 for her war time record.

She remained in service after the war until July 1954 and was finally excluded on the 17th February 1956.

Builder: Baltic Yard, St. Petersburg
Laid down 06/16/1909
Launched 06/27/1911
Commissioned 11/17/1914
Displacement 25,850 tons full load (31,275 after mod.)
Dimensions 184.5 x 32.5 x 9.65 meters
Speed 23.5 knots
Propulsion Steam turbines, 25 boilers, 4 shafts, 42,000 hp
Armor 3.9-8.9 inch belt, 1.5-3 inch decks, 7.9 inch barbettes, 12 inch turrets, 9.8 inch CT
Guns 4x3 305-mm, 16 120-mm, 6 76,2-mm, 16 37-mm
Ect. armament 4 x 18" torpedo tubes
Crew 1526
excluded 07/07/1956
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