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 Guided Missile Frigate Pilky
Project 1135 / Krivak Class

This frigate is recognized by international specialists as a best ship in its class (frigate). The specialists notes next indices: design, power-to-weight ratio, speed, armament. In the late 1970s the designation changed to SKR (Storozhevoy Koabl'), a more accurate indication of their actual capabilities.

Although the class followed on from the Kashin in terms of construction dates, the Krivak is smaller, has an altogether more sophisticated ASW outfit, lacks an area defence SAM system arguably the main armament of the Kashin and is easier to build the latter factor made it possible to allocate construction to the smaller Baltic and Black Sea shipyards, leaving the slipways of the traditional naval yards free for the construction of larger units.

The major ASW system is the 85RU missiles, fired from a bulky quadruple launcher forward. This is backed up by RBU-6000 mortars immediately forward of the bridge and torpedo tubes amidships. Only close range air defence is provided, in the form of "Osa" fore and aft and a pair of 76mm mountings (later ships, designated Krivak-II, have two single 100mm). The Krivak is unusual in its generation in having no “last ditch” anti missile system such as the 30mm Gatting; ECM provision is also minimal compared with the “1st rate” BPKs.

The Krivaks are fitted with four gas turbines, two for cruising (12,000shp) and two for boost (48,000shp). The ships thus have rapid acceleration from a cold start, coupled with good endurance (4,000 miles at 14kt).

Guided Missile Frigate Pilky laid down 06 May 1977 at theShipyard named after A.A. Zhdanova, Leningrad (yard No.715), launched 20 August 1978, commissioned 28 December 1978 and was assigned to the Baltic Fleet.

In 1979 the ship transferred from Baltic Fleet to the Black Sea Fleet, in 1993 transferred to the Baltic Fleet.

Frigate Pilky was excluded from the lists of the Baltic Fleet in 2012 and scrapped.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:3190
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):32
Range:4000 nmi (14 knots), 3515 nmi (18 knots), 3155 nmi (24 knots), 1240 nmi (32 knots)
Autonomy (days):30
Propulsion:1x46000 hp M7K (2x6000 hp M62 gas-turbines, 2x17000 hp M8K forsage gas-turbines), 2 fixed pitch propellers, 5x500 kW DGAG-500/G-MSH diesel-generators
Armament:1x4 KT-M-1135 URK-5 Rastrub-B launcher (4 85RU anti-submarine guided missiles) - SU-85KS-I Musson-U fire control system
2x2 76 mm AK-726 (2000 rounds) – MR-105 Turel fire control system
2x2 ZIF-122 SAM 4K33 Osa-M launchers (40 9M33 missiles) – 4R-33 fire control system
2x4 533 mm ChTA-53-1135 (4 SET-65 torpedoes, 4 53-65K torpedoes) – SU-504A Drakon-1135 fire control system
2x12 RBU-6000 Smerch-2 (96 RGB-60)
Electronics: MR-310A Angara-A air/surface search radar, Volga navigation radar, Don navigation radar, MP-401S Start-S ESM radar system, Nickel-KM and Khrom-KM IFF, ARP-50R radio direction finder, MG-332 Titan-2 sonar, MG-325 Vega sonar, MG-26 Hosta underwater communication system, 2 MG-7 Braslet anti-saboteur sonars, MGS-400K sonar, KMG-12 Kassandra , MI-110R, MI-110K, KPF-2-2, R-785 Tayfun communication complex
PK-16 ship-borne decoy dispenser system (4 KL-101 launcher)
Complement:192 (23 officers)
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