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 Frigate Shtorm
Project 2

The Uragan-class guard ships (light frigates) were built for the Soviet Navy as small patrol and escort ships. Eighteen were built in the 1930s and served during World War II in all four of the Soviet Fleets: Baltic, Black Sea, Northern and Pacific. The official Soviet designation was Project 2, but they were nicknamed the "Bad Weather Flotilla" by Soviet sailors by virtue of their meteorological names.

The Uragan-class ships displaced 457 tonnesat standard load and 633 tonnes at full load. The ships had 14 main watertight compartments and a double bottom only underneath the machinery and boiler rooms. The power plant was two three-drum watertube boilers and two geared turbines, each driving one shaft. Two single 102 mm guns were carried in open pivot mounts as the ship's main armament. A triple 450 mm torpedo tube mount was fitted between the funnels. Up to fifty mines or depth charges could be carried using mine rails mounted on the main deck. By the mid-1930s two semi-automatic 45 mm anti-aircraft gun (21-K) and 12.7 mm DShK AA machine guns were being fitted. Most ships in European waters received two single mounts for the fully automatic 37 mm AA guns.

Frigate Shtorm laid down 24 October 1927 at the Nikolaev Shipyard (yard No.186), launched 04 April 1930, commissioned 01 October 1932 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

The ship took an active part in the Second World War as part of the Black Sea Fleet.

On May 11, 1943, the ship was torpedoed by an acoustic torpedo from the German U-9 submarine. As a result of the explosion, the stern was torn off at the ship. The ship remained afloat and was towed to the port of Batumi. Ship repair took a long time.

Frigate Shtorm was decommissioned and excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet on 30 January 1946.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:633
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):20
Range:930 nmi (14 knots)
Autonomy (days):7
Propulsion:4620 hp, 2 shafts
Armament:2x1 102-mm guns
2x1 45-mm guns
3x1 37-mm AA guns
1x2 12,7-mm machine guns
1x3 450-mm torpedo tubes
54 depth charges
21 mines
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