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 Frigate SKR-52
Project 50 / Riga Class

The Riga class was the NATO reporting name for class of frigates built for the Soviet Navy in the 1950s. The Soviet designation for these ships was Storozhevoi Korabl (escort ship) Project 50 Gornostay (Ermine stoat).

The class introduced high pressure steam turbines and new radars into Soviet service. The bridge, gun turrets, and magazines were covered in 8 mm armour. The main armament comprised three single dual-purpose 100 mm guns with remote power control and a single Yakor fire control system. They had conventional weaponry consisting of three standard antiaircraft / mixed turrets complemented by dual 37mm mounts, an anti-ship 533-mm torpedo tubes, and one MBU-200 ASW rocket launcher. The machinery comprised two TV-9 steam turbines with two boilers.

There was a modernisation programme in the late 1950s early 1960s. This included fitting anti-submarine rocket launchers (RBU-2500) new radar and adding permanent ballast for improved stability.

The Project 50 Riga class was a rather simplistic and straight forward design. With their basic capabilities, moderate size and ease of operation, they made perfect export vessels for smaller navies where such ships could easily fill the multi-purpose role, taking the place of large minesweepers and actual destroyers. A total of 68 ships were built by Nikolayev yards (20 ships), Komsomolsk-on-Amur (7 ships) and Kaliningrad (41 ships), distributed among the four fleets.

Frigate SKR-52 laid down 01 September 1954 at the Shipyard No.445 named after 61 kommunara, Nikolaev (yard No.1133), launched 15 April 1955, commissioned 26 November 1955 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

18 August 1960 transferred from Black Sea Fleet to the Northern Fleet, 08 August 1961 renamed to Tuman. 18 January 1964 transferred to the Baltic Fleet.

Frigate Tuman was excluded from the lists of the Baltic Fleet on 04 May 1989 and scrapped.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:1337
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):29
Range:1000 nmi (14,5 knots), 320 nmi (29 knots)
Autonomy (days):10
Propulsion:2x10000 hp TV-9 steam turbines, 2 fixed pitch propellers, 2x150 kW turbine-type generators, 1x100 kW diesel-generator, 1x25 kW diesel-generator
Armament:3x1 100 mm B-34USMA (660 rounds) - Sfera-50 with radar Yakor fire control system
2x2 37 mm V-11M - 4500 rounds
1x2 533 mm DTA-53-50 torpedo tubes (2 53-38, 53-39, 53-39U, 53-57 torpedoes)
1x24 MBU-200 (96 B-30 depth charges) - Deviz fire control system
4 BMB-2 (36 BPS depth charges)
12 depth charges

Gyuys-1M4 air search radar, Lin surface search radar, Don navigation radar, Pegas-2M sonar, MG-16 Sviyaga underwater communication system

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