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Intelligence Ship Yupiter
Project 861M / Moma Class

The converted Moma (Project 861M) is an Electronic Intelligence gathering ship converted from Moma class survey ship / buoy tenders. Ships in this series were built in Gdansk, Poland. Total for this project during the 1967-73 biennium. 29 vessels have been built, some of them (9 units) has been transformed into a intelligence ship under Project 861M. The ships continue in service with the Russian Navy.

Hydrographic survey vessel Yupiter laid down at the Stocznia Polnocna Shipyard, Gdansk, Poland (yard No.861/30), launched 31 January 1973, commissioned 28 June 1973 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

Later the ship was converted to the intelligence ship.

28 November 1995 the ship was excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet and transferred to the Ukrainian Naval Forces as medium intelligence ship Simferopol (U511).

Displacement (tons):
Full load:1560
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):17,3
Range:9700 nmi (11 knots)
Autonomy (days):35
Propulsion:2x1800 hp Zgoda-Sulzer 6D-48 diesels, 2 controllable pitch propellers, 3x259 kW 5BAH22 diesel-generators, 1x52 kW S324M diesel-generator
Armament:SAM system Strela (16 missiles)
Electronics: Bizan ESM radar system, 2 Don navigation radars, sonar MG-329 Sheksna, underwater communication system MG-13, underwater communication system MG-26 Khosta, station MI-110K, special electronics: Vitok-AK, MRR-1-7, Vakhta-M, Vakhta-10, Vakhta-12, Vizit-M, Rotor-N, Uzel, Kayra, Oktava
Complement: 73 (11 officers)



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