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   Large ASW Destroyer Azov
Project 1134BF / Kara class

The Kara class was the first new, large Soviet surface warship in many years, and was evidently intended to boost blue-water ASW capabilities. Although often grouped with cruisers, these ships are destroyers by role. The Kara-class was a further development of the the Kresta-II design, with gas-turbines replacing the steam plants of the previous classes, resulting in major modifications to the layout of the midships section. Although larger than the Kresta-II cruiser and with significant anti-air and anti-submarine capabilities, these ships are classified as destroyers rather than cruisers by the Russian Navy. In total on Project 1134B 7 ships were constructed, 4 of which served on the Black Sea fleet.

Large ASW Destroyer Azov was enlisted in the lists of the Naval Fleet 04.01.1972 and laid down 21.07.1972 at a factory of a name 61 Kommunara in Nikolaev. Launched 14.09.1973, commissioned 25.12.1975 and 19.02.1976 has been included in structure of Black Sea fleet.

Was in structure of 30-th Brigade of the surface ships of the Black Sea fleet. Through two years after acceptance in structure of fleet, in 1977, on Azov was established skilled sample of a SAM-rocket complex S-300F. Into structure of the S-300F entered two revolving starting installations on 48 rockets and control system Fort, which have placed on a place removed SAM-complex Shtorm. This air defence system is designed to operate in a hostile environment and is intended to counter multiple attacks by missile-carrying aircraft and by anti-ship missiles launched by both surface ships and submarines.

Thus, Azov was unique in the world by the ship, on which simultaneously there were whole three different SAM-rockets complex: Fort (S-300F), Shtormand Osa-M.

22.01 - 26.01.1990 - visit in Peraeus (Greece);
25.06 - 01.07.1990 - in Havana (Cuba);
24.06 - 28.06.1991 - in Toulon (France);
15.08 - 19.08.1991 - in Constance (Romania).

Was removed from structure of fleet in 2000. The name of the ship was transferred to large amphibious ship of the Black Sea fleet.

Builder: 61 Kommunara SY 445, Nikolayev, Ukraine
Year: 1975
Displacement: 8,825 tons full load
Speed:30 knots
Dimensions: 173.4 x 18.5 x 6.4 meters/568.9 x 60.7 x 21 feet
Propulsion: COGAG: 3 M-62/GTZA cruise gas turbines, 12,000 shp, 18 knots; 4 M8E/GTU-12A boost gas turbines, 80,000 shp; 2 shafts, 92,000 shp, 30 knots
Crew: 400
Missiles: 1 x B-92 twin arm launcher for Shtorm / SA-N-3 SAM (36 rounds)
2 x twin arm launchers for Osa-M / SA-N-4 SAM (40 rounds)
6 x 4 VLS launchers for Fort / SA-N-6 SAM (48 rounds)
2 x 4 KT-100M launchers for RP33 Metel / SS-N-14 AS missile (16 rounds)
Guns: 4 x 76mm AK-726 guns in twin turrets (4800 rounds)
4 x AK-630 CIWS (8000 rounds)
Aviation:Aft helicopter deck and hangar for 1 Ka-25/26/27 series helicopter
Ect. armament:2 x RBU6000 AS mortars (144 rounds)
2 x RBU1000 AS mortars (60 rounds)
4 x 21" PTA-53-1134 torpedo tubes in twin mountings
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