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      Large ASW Destroyer "Sderzhanny"
Project 61M / Kashin Mod class
"Sderzhanny" - Kashin Mod Class
"Sderzhanny" - Kashin Mod Class
Project 61M / Kashin Mod class

The Kashin class ship was designed to fulfill a variety of roles including anti-air and antisubmarine operations to defend task forces from submarines, low-flying aircraft, and cruise missiles. The ship’s hull is divided into separate compartments by 13 main watertight bulkheads, that extent to the upper deck. These bulkheads ensure that buoyancy remains stable if any three adjacent compartments are flooded. The Kashin class was commissioned in 1962, and was the first class of warship to be equipped with gas turbines. The Kashin’s four gas-outlet pipes allow the gas turbines to be replaced through their access holes. It has a top speed of 37 knots.

These ships were redesignated many times. They were originally designed as guard ships (storozhevoy korabl` - SKR). But on 19 May 1966 they were reclassified as large anti-submarine ships (bol`shoy protivolodochny korabl`- BPK). On Jan 1992 the remaining unmodified ships that were still in service at this time, were redesignated guard ship (SKR).

The Russian Navy had ordered industries to produce 20 ships. 15 of them were laid down at 61 Kommunar (Nikolayev) Yard, 5 were laid down at Zhdanov Yard, Leningrad. The 20th ship was completed as an advanced project 61M. 5 other ships of project 61 were upgraded to similar project 61MP after some years of service. The modernizations included - installation of 4 launchers for SSM, new sonar "Platina" and replacement of the 2 RBU 1000 with 4 x 30mm AK 630. Also, special for Indian Navy was designed project 61ME (5 ships).

Large ASW Destroyer "Sderzhanny" - 20 ships from a series, was constructed already under the new Project 61M (Kashin Mod class).

Large ASW Destroyer "Sderzhanny": laid down 10.02.1971 at a factory of a name 61 Kommunara and 23.03.1972 is enlisted in the lists of the Soviet Naval ships. Launched 25.02.1972 and 30.12.1973 is switched on in structure of the Black Sea Fleet.

The ship carried 10 times a battleservice in the Mediterranean sea. In the period since 31.10.1985 for 12.10.1987 the overhaul on 13-th SRZ (Sevastopol) has passed.

29.05.2001 was disarmed. Finally ship has disassembled in May, 2002, and scrapped in Inkerman, Sevastopol.

Builder: 61 Kommunara SY 445, Nikolayev, Ukraine
Year: 1971
Displacement: 4,898 tons full load
Speed: 33,6 knots
Dimensions: 146.2 x 15.8 x 4.84 meters / 479.6 x 51.8 x 15.8 feet
Propulsion: 4 M8E gas turbines, 2 shafts, 72,000 shp
Crew: 329
Missiles: 4 SS-N-2c Styx (4 single)
2 Volna-M SAM systems (32 V-601/SA-N-1 Goa SAM)
Guns: 2 x 2 76.2mm/59cal DP AK-726
4 x 6 30mm AK-630
Aviation: Aft helicopter deck and hangar; no helicopter normally assigned
Ect. armament: 1x5 21 inch torpedo tubes
2 RBU-6000 ASW RL
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