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Inshore Minesweeper RT-583
Project 1258 / Yevgenya Class

The Project 1258 Korund (Yevgenya class by the NATO classification) are a group of minesweepers built for the Soviet Navy and export customers between 1967 and 1980. These were small minehunters built for inshore work. The hulls were constructed of glass-reinforced plastic. For low speed on the ship, a special diesel engine of 80 hp was used. The minesweeper was very successful and with its very small size (displacement of about 90 tons) had a full range of anti-mines weapons. The ship was in great demand in the world market. A total of 40 inshore minesweepers on Project 1258E (variant for export) were sold to 10 countries.

Inshore Minesweeper RT-583 laid down at the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard, Pontonny (yard No.106), commissioned in 1970 and assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

RT-583 was decommissioned and excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet on 19 March 1992.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:91,3
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):12
Range:300 nmi (10 knots)
Autonomy (days):3
Propulsion:2x300 hp 3D12 diesels, 1x80 hp K-757 diesel, 2 variable pitch propellers in nozzles, 2x50 kW DGR-50/1500-2 diesel generators

1x2 14,5 mm 2M-7
1x7 55 mm MRG-1 Ogonyok grenade launcher (RG-55 grenades)
12 depth charges
IT-1 Neva-1 mine-search device or IU-2 mine search-and-removal device or MT-3U contact sweep or VKT-1 helicopter contact sweep or SEMT-1 magnetic sweep, AT-2 acoustic sweep or Project 103 detonating cord stacking device

Electronics: Kivach navigation radar, Khrom-KMN IFF, MG-7 Braslet anti-saboteur sonar
Complement:10 (1 officer)


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