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Battleship Georgiy Pobedonosets


The Ekaterina II class were a class of four battleships built for the Imperial Russian Navy in the 1880s. They were the first battleships built for the Black Sea Fleet. Their design was highly unusual in having the main guns on three barbettes grouped in a triangle around a central armored redoubt, two side-by-side forward and one on the centerline aft. This was intended to maximize their firepower forward, both when operating in the narrow waters of the Bosphorus and when ramming. Construction was slow because they were the largest warships built until then in the Black Sea, and the shipyards had to be upgraded to handle them.

Georgiy Pobedonosets was named after Saint George the Victorious. She was laid down by RoPIT on 5 May 1891, launched on 9 March 1892, and completed in 1893, although her trials lasted until mid-1895. She was only a half-sister to the others as her armor scheme was different and she was built much later than the earlier ships.

She was relegated to second-line duties in 1908 and had her main guns removed later. She fired three rounds at the Goeben during her bombardment of Sevastopol in 1914, the only shots fired in anger by any ship of this class, but spent most of the war serving as a headquarters ship in Sevastopol. She was captured by the Germans in 1918 and turned over by them to the British who sabotaged her engines when they abandoned the Crimea in 1919. She was captured by both sides during the Russian Civil War, but ended up being towed to Bizerte by the fleeing White Russians where she was eventually scrapped by the French Government.

Builder: RoPIT Shipyard, Sevastopol
Laid down 5 May 1891
Launched9 March 1892
Commissioned 1893
Displacement 11,050 tons
Dimensions 103.4 x 21 x 8.5 meters
Speed15.2 knots
Propulsion 2 vertical compound steam engines, 14 cylindrical boilers, 2 shafts, 9,100 ihp
Guns3x2 305-mm guns, 7x1 152-mm guns, 8x1 47-mm 5-barrel revolving Hotchkiss guns, 4x1 37-mm 5-barrel revolving Hotchkiss guns, 7x1 356-mm torpedo tubes

belt: 203-406 mm, redoubt: 305 mm, decks: 51-64 mm, gun shields: 51-76 mm, conning tower: 203-229 mm

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