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Fireboat PZhK-20
Project 364 / Pozharny-I Class

A fireboat is a specialized watercraft with pumps and nozzles designed for fighting shoreline and shipboard fires. The fireboat of Project 364 are equipped with four fire monitors and eight water pumps. Fireboats of this project served on all fleets of the USSR and later - the Russian Federation. In total, more than 90 fireboats of this type were built for the Navy.

Fireboat PZhK-20 laid down at the Rybinsk Shipyard No.341 (yard No.357), commissioned on 12 August 1953 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet Fleet.

In 1997 the fireboat PZhK-20 was transferred to the Ukrainian Naval Forces with rename to Evpatoriya (hull number U728). 16 September 2019 was decommissioned.

Displacement (tons):
Standard: 145,9
Full load: 180,8
Dimensions (m):
Length: 34,9
Beam: 6,5
Draft: 1,85
Speed (knots): 15,7
Range: 1050 nmi (10 knots), 280 nmi (15,7 knots)
Autonomy (days): 5
Propulsion: 2x900 hp M50-6 diesels, 1x450 hp 6ChSP23/30 diesel, 3 fixed pitch propellers, 2x12,5 kW DG-13 diesel generators
Spec. equipment: 4x190 m3/h fire monitors, 8x250 m3/h water pumps
Complement: 24


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