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Salvage Vessel Sayany
Project 05361 / Mikhail Rudnitsky Class

The creation of autonomous underwater vehicles has dramatically increased the effectiveness of all underwater operations. An important feature of autonomous rescue vehicles was the ability to work in difficult conditions. Finally, autonomous underwater vehicles due to the presence of manipulators allow for work at big depths inaccessible to divers.

Initially, it was decided to build several carrier vessels of autonomous underwater vehicles for various purposes. For this purpose, Central Design Bureau Balsudoproekt developed project 05360 of a rescue vessel based on a timber carrier. With a total displacement of almost 8000 tons, vessel 05630 was capable of carrying 2 autonomous underwater vehicles for any purpose. From 1979 to 1984, 2 rescue vessels of this project and 2 vessels of project 05361 (modification for underwater operations) were built at the Vyborg Shipyard.

Salvage vessel Sayany laid down 01 June 1982 at the Vyborg Shipyard (yard. No.574), launched 20 May 1983, commissioned 24 November 1983 and was assigned to the Pacific Fleet.

01 March 2016 the vessel was transferred to the Black Sea Fleet.

Now in service.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:7980
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):16,6
Range:6500 nmi (14 knots)
Autonomy (days): 30
Propulsion:1x6100 hp 5DKRN62/140-3 diesel, 4x500 kW diesel generators, 3x320 kW diesel generators, 1x100 kW diesel generator, 1 fixed pitch propellers, 1 thruster
Electronics:2 Don navigation radars, MG-89 mine search sonar, MGA-21 sonar, MGV-5N underwater communication system
Special equipment:1 Project 1837 submersible rescue vehicle, 1 Project 1839 autonomous underwater working vehicle or 1 Project 1832 deep-diving autonomous underwater vehicle. Then - 1 Project 1855 deep-diving autonomous underwater vehicle or Project 18270, 1 Project 1839 autonomous underwater working vehicle
1 pressure chamber, 1 MTK-200 television complex


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