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Salvage Tug SB-524
Project 714 / Goryn class

A salvage tug is a specialized type of tugboat which is used to rescue ships which are in distress or in danger of sinking. The salvage tug of Project 714 ( variant of Project 563 seagoing tug) are equipped with 2 fire monitors and water pumps. Salvage tugs of this project served on all fleets of the USSR and later - the Russian Federation. In total, 9 salvage tugs of this type were built for the Navy in Finland.

Seagoing tug MB-108 laid down 26 November 1982 at the Rauma-Repola, Finland (yard. No.315), launched 25 March 1983, commissioned 30 September 1983 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

Then the seagoing tug was reclassified to the salvage tug with rename to SB-524.

01 August 1997 the salvage tug was transferred to the Ukrainian Naval Forces ith rename to Kremenets (U705).

Displacement (tons):
Full load: 2210
Dimensions (m):
Draft: 5,5
Speed (knots):14
Range:8000 nmi (12 knots)
Autonomy (days):30
Propulsion:1x3500 hp 67I diesel, 1 controllable pitch propeller, 1 bow thruster, 3x264 kW diesel-generators, 1x132 kW diesel-generator
Electronics:2 Don navigation radars
Spec. equipment:1 diving complex (1 pressure chamber) 40 m, 2 fire monitors


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