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 Submarine M-298
Project A615 / Quebec class submarine

The Quebec class was the NATO reporting name of a class of diesel-electric patrol submarines that were built in the Soviet Union. The Soviet designation of this class was Project A615.

Quebec-class submarines were fitted with two regular diesel engines and a third, closed-cycle diesel engine, which used liquid oxygen to provide air-independent propulsion while the submarine was submerged.

The Quebec class had a streamlined conning tower with a fixed snorkel housing at the rear end. They were armed with four torpedo tubes in the bow, for which no reloads were carried, and earlier boats also had a twin 25 mm anti-aircraft gun faired into the forward end of the tower, making them some of the last submarines to be constructed with deck guns.

The Quebec-class was plagued with problems caused by liquid oxygen evaporation. Their endurance was limited to 10 days due to continuous evaporation of the oxygen and lack of a re-liquefaction system, and the propulsion system led to several serious incidents. In 1957 two submarines were lost due to accidents caused by the oxygen system. M-256 suffered a fire off Tallinn in the Baltic, which led to the loss of 35 men, while M-351 sank in the Black Sea with no casualties. Other incidents caused oxygen-fueled flames to burst out from the boats, which led to their crews to nickname them zazhigalka ("cigarette lighter").

Submarine M-298 laid down 02 August 1955 at the Shipyard No.196, Leningrad (yard No.704), launched 30 June 1956, commissioned 31 August 1957 and was assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.

Submarine M-298 was decommissioned and excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet in 1975 and scrapped.

Displacement (tons):
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):
Submerged: 15
Surfaced:3150 nmi (8,3 knots)
Under snorkel:2500 nmi (8 knots)
Submerged:410 nmi (3,5 knots), 56 nmi (15 knots)
Diving depth (m):
Endurance (days):10
Propulsion:1x900 hp 32D diesel, 2x700 hp M-50P diesels, 1x100 hp PG-106 electric motor, 3 fixed pitch propellers
Armament:4  533 mm bow torpedo tubes (4 K-45 torpedoes) - Tryum fire control system
Electronics: Flag surface radar, RPN-47-03 radar, Tamir-5L sonar, Mars-16KIG noise detection sonar, GS-571 Anadyr sonar
Complement:41 (10 officers)
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