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 Submarine S-41
Flutto class submarine

The submarine Marea was part of the Flutto class and more precisely the first of the three series planned for a total of 48 units (12, 24 and again 12). The project for this class, developed when the war had already begun, was born from the need of having medium-size boats at a reasonable cost, to be produced in quantity, and which could take advantage of the experience gained in the first year of war. The original intentions called for this class to become the backbone of the Italian submarine fleet. The project originated from the Argo class, which amongst the 113 submarines with which the Italian Navy had entered World War II, was the one which had better demonstrated the ability to operate both in the Mediterranean and in the oceans. The project resulted in excellent and matching expectations, also gaining appreciation from the Germans, but due to war events, of the ambitious program of 48 boats, only 8 were completed and of these only 5 entered service.

Submarine r laid down on 01 December 1941 at Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico (CRDA), Italy. Launched on 10 December 1942 , commissioned on 07 May 1943 and was assigned to the Italian Navy. Submarine surrendered at armistice on September 1943.

As a result of the drawing of lots conducted by representatives of the naval command of Great Britain, the United States, France and the Soviet Union after the Second World War, the latter received 45 ships and auxiliary vessels from Italy, including a battleship, a light cruiser, three destroyers and destroyers, two submarines, 10 torpedo boats, three patrol boats, the same number of landing craft, a military transport, a tanker, four water tankers, 12 tugs and a training sailing vessel.

On 06 February 1949, the act on the transfer of submarines was signed. On 19 February 1949, both submarines due to the Soviet Union (Magea and Nichelio), accompanied by the tanker "Feolent", left Valona, and on February 26.02.1949, they arrived in Sevastopol.

Upon arrival in the Soviet Union, Nichelio first became known as I-41, and from 16 June 1949 - as S-41. Although the submarine was enlisted in the submarine brigade, but it was used only for training.

On February 1956 the submarine S-41 was decommissioned, excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet. The submarine was laid on the bottom in the Sevastopol Bay, it was used for several months for training divers on lifting and working with a sunken submarine, after which it was towed to Novorossiysk and cut into metal there.

Displacement (tons):
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):
Submerged: 8
Surfaced:5400 nmi (8 knots)
Submerged:80 nmi (4 knots)
Diving depth (m):
Endurance (days):-
Propulsion:2x2400 hp diesels, 2x815 hp electric motors, 2 fixed pitch propellers
Armament:4 bow torpedo tubes + 2 stern torpedo tubes (12 533-mm torpedoes), 1x1 100-mm gun, 4x1 13,2-mm AA machine guns.
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