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Missile Corvette Burya
Missile Corvette Burya
Project 1234 / Nanuchka class

The ships of the Project 1234 are intended for protection of sea communications, protection of escorts, struggle against the surface ships in coastal areas. For struggle against the surface ships there were six Malakhit medium range anti-ship missiles. For distribution targets in to the main missile complex there was a system of passive detection of the surface targets. The ships were armed Osa SAM system with ammunition of 20 missiles and 57-mm AK-525 stern gun. The power-plant of the ship consists of three diesel engines the common capacity 30 000 hp which rotate three propellers. The maximal speed is 34 knots. Range of navigation with speed of 12 knots makes 3500 nautical miles. Despite of rather small displacement, the ship has high seaworthy qualities and ability to use the weapon at a condition of the sea of 5 points and speeds 24 knots.

The heavily armed guided missile corvette features more gun and zenith defense capabilities compared to previous missile ships. The remarkable amount of fire power and electronics mounted on such a small platform apparently was purchased at the price of poor sea-keeping characteristics. From 1970 to 1991 there were built more then 40 corvettes. Some of them were sold to Algeria, India, Libya, Syria.

Missile corvette Burya laid down 13 January 1967 at the Primorskiy Shipyard, Leningrad (yard No.51), launched 18 October 1968, commissioned 30 Septembaer 1970.

The corvette served in the 166th Novorossiysk Red Banner Division of small missile ships of the 41st brigade of missile boats.

Burya was decommissioned and excluded from the lists of the Black Sea Fleet on 11 February 1991 and scrapped.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:699
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):35
Range:3400 nmi (12 knots), 1600 nmi (18 knots), 800 nmi (30 knots), 415 nmi (35 knots)
Autonomy (days):10
Propulsion:3x10000 hp M-507A diesels, 3 fixed pitch propellers, 2x300 kW diesel generators, 1x75 kW DGR-75/1500 diesel generator

2x3 KT-84 Malakhit anti-ship missile complex launchers (6 P-120 anti-ship guided missiles (4K85))
1x2 ZIF-122 4K33 Osa-M SAM system launcher (20 9M33 missiles) - 4R-33 fire control system
1x2 57 mm AK-725 (1100 rounds) - MR-103 Bars fire control system

Electronics: Titanit radar complex, MRP-11-12 Zaliv reconnaissance radar, Nikhrom-RRM and Nickel-KM IFF, PK-10 Smely decoy RL (KT-216 launchers)
Complement:60 (9 officers)


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