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Corvette Mercury
Project 20380 / Steregushchiy Class

The Steregushchiy class, Russian designation Project 20380, is a class of corvettes being built for the Russian Navy. Designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, subsequent vessels were built to an improved design (Project 20385), incorporating the Zaslon-Redut SAM system. Stealth technology was widely used during the construction of the ships, as well as 21 patents and 14 new computer programs.

The corvette has a displacement of 1800 tons, a total of 2250 tons. The length is the largest at 104.5 meters, width 13 meters, and maximum draft of 8,37 meters. It has a maximum speed of 27 knots and has a cruising range of 4000 miles.

The Steregushchiy-class corvettes have a steel hull and composite material superstructure, with a bulbous bow and nine watertight subdivisions. They have a combined bridge and command center, and space and weight provision for eight SS-N-25 missiles. Project 20380 warships carry the Uran missile system with 8 container launching ramps and an ammunition load consisting of eight Kh-35U antiship missiles with a firing range of up to 260 km.

The ship is armed with 100 mm A-190 Arsenal naval gun, SAM system 3K96-3 Redut, four Kh-35, two AK-630M CIWS, and two 14.5 mm MTPU pedestal machine guns.

Corvette Retiviy laid down on 20 February 2015 and launched on 12 March 2020 by Severnaya Verf in Saint Petersburg. The ship changed its name to Mercury on October 15, 2021 in honor of a 19th century sailing ship of the Black Sea fleet that distinguished itself in the 1828-1829 Russian-Turkish war.

Ñommissioned on 13 May 2023.

Now in service.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:2250
Dimensions (m):
Draft:5,45 (max – 8,37)
Speed (knots):27
Range:4000 nmi (14 knots)
Autonomy (days):15
Propulsion:2x11660 hp 1DDA-12000 diesels, 2 fixed pitch propellers, 4x630 kW ADG-630K diesel generators

2x4 KT-184 3K24 Uran anti-ship missile complex launchers (8 3M24 missiles, then 3M24UD) – 3R14N fire control system
3x4 SAM system 3K96-3 Redut launchers (32 9M96 or 9M96D missiles or 48 9M100 missiles)
SAM system 9K38 Igla (8 9M39 missiles)
1x1 100 mm A-190-01 – 5P-10-02 Puma-02 fire control system
2x6 30 mm AK-630M-6 – MR-123-02 Sfera fire control system
2x1 14,5 mm MTPU-1 Zhalo
2x4 324 mm SM-588 Paket-NK launchers (8 MTT torpedoes, M-15 anti-torpedoes)
2x2 45 mm DP-64 grenade launchers (240 SG-45, FG-45 grenades)
1 Ka-27 helicopter


5P-20K-A Monument-A radar complex, 5P-27M Furke-2 air/surface search radar, 2 Sandal-V radars, 2 MR-231-2 navigational radars, MR-231 navigation radar, MR-231-2 navigation radar, PAL-N navigation radar, TK-25-2 ESM radar system, 3 Parol IFF, MTK-201M optical television system, Zarya-2 sonar complex, Minotavr-ISPN-M sonar, Anapa GISZ, R-779-16 Ruberoid communication complex, Chardal-20380 complex, MG-757 Anapa-M anti-saboteur sonar, Sigma-20380 combat information system
PK-10 Smely decoy RL (4 KT-216 launchers) – 80 AZ-SO-50, AZ-SR-50, AZ-SOM-50, AZ-SK-50, AZ-SMZ-50 rounds (Project 20385 – Prosvet-M complex (KT-308 launcher))

Complement:99 (14 officers)


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