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Missile Corvette MRK-5
Project 1240 / Sarancha class

This hydrofoil missile corvette had a very advanced design. Unlike previous Soviet hydrofoil boats the Project 1240 had fully submerged foils with propellers mounted on the after set of foils. The corvette achieved a speed of 61 knots and had a heavy armament.

The ship's hull was made of AMG-62T-1 aluminum-magnesium alloy panels, and the underwater wings were made of 48OT3V titanium alloy. The bow foil is a split V surface-piercing type (seen in the illustration) which carries about 60% of the lift and the single fully submerged foil aft carries the remaining 40%. The rear foil is supported by two vertical struts, each of which carries a propeller on each end of the propulsion pod at the lower end of the strut. At low speed the bow wing, rear struts with propellers got out of the water. The movement in this mode was carried out by two pump-jets, powered by two diesel engines.

At 430 tons, MRK-5 was the largest operational naval hydrofoil at the time.

During its life, the MRK-5 conducted two missile firing with the main Malakhit missile system, demonstrating excellent seaworthiness on testing. He also had a very high speed. However, the operation of the ship was very difficult.

Missile corvette MRK-5 was built at the Primorsky Shipyard, Leningrad (yard No.41), launched 1973, commissioned 30 December 1977.

19 April 1990, the missile corvette MRK-5 was excluded from the lists of the fleet and scrapped.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:432
Dimensions (m):
Length:49,8 (with wings 56,6)
Beam:10,2 (with wings 23,5)
Draft:2,34 (with wings 8)
Speed (knots):61,3
Range:1500 nmi (8,5 knots), 1250 nmi (36 knots), 640 nmi (45 knots)
Autonomy (days):5
Propulsion:2x18000 hp M-10 gas turbines, 2x1000 hp DRA-211 diesels, 2x2 fixed pitch propellers, 2 pump-jets, 3x100 kW GTG-100 turbine-type generators, 2x100 kW diesel generators
Armament:2x2 KT-120-1240 P-120 Malakhit anti-ship missiles launchers (4K85 missiles)
1x2 ZIF-122 4K33 Osa-M SAM system launcher (20 9M33 missiles) 4R-33 fire control system
1x6 30 mm AK-630M (2000 rounds) MR-123 Vympel fire control system
Electronics: Dubrava-1240 radar, Lotciya navigation radar, Nikhrom-RRM and Nickel-KM IFF, ARP-58SV radio direction finder
Complement:34 (7 officers)


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