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Missile Boat R-260
Missile Boat R-260
Missile Boat R-260
Project 20MR / Matka class

These missile boats were designed at the Almaz C Design Bureau under the leadership of A. P. Gorodyanko on the basis of a Turya-class torpedo boat. They were designed to battle with small enemy surface ships in the coastal zone. There is only a single foil, the aft part of the hull hydroplanes at high speeds. The P-15M launchers are the same type as carried on the Osa-II missile boats.

The hull is smooth-decked, steel, with a low-subsection wing, divided by waterproof bulkheads into 10 compartments. Diesel engines are located in two compartments (the fifth and seventh), between which there is a remote control station for the main mechanisms. Superstructures are made of light alloys. The use of weapons is possible at speeds of up to 35 knots. The artillery armament of the missile boat was significantly increased: instead of two 30-mm cannons, the missile boat had a 76-mm bow gun, and a 30-mm quick-fire six-barreled stern gun.

All 12 units were built in Leningrad. After the breakup of the USSR, Russia discarded many and five went to Ukraine, one of which was later transferred to Georgia after a complete refurbishment.

Missile boat R-260 was built at Sredne-Nevskiy Shipyard, Pontonny (yard No.246), commissioned 30 December 1979.

Was listed as missile boat of the 296th missile boat division of the 41st brigade of missile boats, based on the Chernomorskoe, Crimea.

30 December 1995 missile boat R-260 was transferred to the Ukrainian Navy. Renamed to the Uman (hull number - U152).

The missile boat was never entered into the Ukrainian Navy as warship, and after a long time, 30 November 2004 the missile boat was removed from the lists of the Ukrainian Navy, and sold to the metal for a private company.

Displacement (tons):
Full load:257
Dimensions (m):
Speed (knots):43
Range:2000 nmi (12 knots), 1100 nmi (35 knots)
Autonomy (days):5
Propulsion:3x5000 hp M-520 diesels, 1x200 kW diesel generator, 1x200 kW diesel generator

2x1 KT-97M launchers Terrmit anti-ship missile complex (2 P-15M (4K51)) anti-ship cruise missiles)
1x4 MTU-4 launcher Strela-3M SAM system (16 missiles)
1x1 76 mm AK-176M 300 rounds MR-123 Vympel-A fire control system
1x6 30 mm AK-630M 1000 rounds

Electronics: 4Ts53 Garpun radar, Omega navigation radar
PK-16 decoy RL (2 KL-101 launchers)
Complement:29 (5 officers)


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