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Large ASW Destroyers


      Large ASW Destroyer "Kerch"
Large ASW Destroyer "Kerch"
Large ASW Destroyer "Kerch"
Large ASW Destroyer "Kerch"
Large ASW Destroyer "Kerch"
Large ASW Destroyer "Kerch"

The 'Kara' design was the first new, large Soviet surface warship in many years, and was evidently intended to boost blue-water ASW capabilities. Although often grouped with cruisers, these ships are destroyers by role. The Kara-class was a further development of the the Kresta-II design, with gas-turbines replacing the steam plants of the previous classes, resulting in major modifications to the layout of the midships section. Although larger than the Kresta-II cruiser and with significant anti-air and anti-submarine capabilities, these ships are classified as destroyers rather than cruisers by the Russian Navy. In total on Project 1134B 7 ships were constructed, 4 of which served on the Black Sea fleet.

Large ASW Destroyer "Kerch": laid down 30.04.1971 at a factory of a name 61 Kommunara in Nikolayev and 25.05.1971 is enlisted in the lists of the ships of the Naval Fleet. Launched 21.07.1972, commissioned 25.12.1974 and 23.01.1975 is switched on in structure of the Black Sea fleet.

Repeatedly participated in the various ocean and sea doctrines, battle services in the Mediterranean sea. At the end of 80-th years on him the radar-tracking arms was modernized.

10.08 - 14.08.1984 - visit in Varna (Bulgaria);
28.06 - 02.07.1989 - in Istanbul (Turkey);
11.08 - 15.08.1989 - in Varna (Bulgaria).

After a conclusion from structure of fleet antisubmarine cruiser "Moscow" since 27.04.1994 and up to the moment of the introduction in build from repair rocket cruiser "Moscow" 12.06.1997 was flagship of the Black Sea fleet. In November, 1998 has made official visit to Cannes (France) and in Italy.

At the present moment is in structure 30-th brigade of the surface ships of the Black Sea fleet.

Builder: 61 Kommunara SY 445, Nikolayev, Ukraine
Year: 1974
Displacement: 8,825 tons full load
Speed: 30 knots
Dimensions: 173.4 x 18.5 x 6.4 meters/568.9 x 60.7 x 21 feet
Propulsion: COGAG: 3 M-62/GTZA cruise gas turbines, 12,000 shp, 18 knots; 4 M8E/GTU-12A boost gas turbines, 80,000 shp; 2 shafts, 92,000 shp, 30 knots
Crew: 400
Missiles: 2 x 4 URK-5/SS-N-14 Rastrub/Silex SSM/ASW missiles
2 Shtorm SAM system (80 V-611/SA-N-3 Goblet SAM)
2 Osa-M SAM systems (40 4M-33/SA-N-4 Gecko SAM)
Guns: 2 x 2 76.2mm/59cal AK-726 DP
4 x 6 30 mm AK-630 AA
Aviation: Aft helicopter deck and hangar for 1 Ka-25/26/27 series helicopter
Ect. armament: 2 x 5 21 inch torpedo tubes
2 RBU-6000 ASW RL
2 RBU-1000 ASW RL
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