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   Large Landing Ship "Tsesar Kunikov" 
Large Landing Ship "Tsesar Kunikov"
Large Landing Ship "Tsesar Kunikov"
Large Landing Ship "Tsesar Kunikov"
Large Landing Ship "Tsesar Kunikov"

Project 775 / Ropucha-I class

The Project 775 Ropucha Large Landing Ship (Bol'shoy Desatnyy Korabl' - BDK) is a beachable, general-purpose LST-type design with bow and stern ramps for unloading vehicles. A slightly smaller successor to the Alligator class, they were all built in Poland three distinct production runs.

Large Landing Ship "BDK-64" was built by Stocznia Polnocna, Gdansk, Poland, commissioned on 1984. Was renamed and from 1991 to present moment have name "Tsesar Kunikov".

Builder: Stocznia Polnocna, Gdansk, Poland
Concept:General-purpose LST-type landing craft, capable of beaching
Displacement: 4,080 tons full load
Speed:18 knots
Dimensions: 112.5 x 15 x 3.7 meters/369.1 x 49.2 x 12.1 feet
Propulsion: 2 dies. turbines; 2 props., 19'200 hp; 6'100 n.m/18 kts
Crew: 87 + 11 transients + 150 marines
Cargo: 482 tons;
95 x 4.5 x 4.5 meter/311.7 x 14.8 x 14.8 foot tank deck
Radar: MR-302 Rubka/Strut Curve air/surf. search
Missiles: 4 x 8 Strela (SS-N-3)
2 122 mm UMS-73 Grad-M bombardment RL
Guns: 2x2 AK-725 DP (2 x 57 mm)
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